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Full Description



CSS Bliss and Beyond is a means to be creative in a disposable medium. A place where research can be free and expressive with involvement from the open community for feedback and enhancements. The end goal is to have this as a running course that is updated frequently staying in line with current CSS news and teachings. Let this repository of wonderful information be the guiding light for CSS enthusiasts and Ninja's alike.



  • -Easy To Follow Sample Codes
  • -Dissection of actual CSS spec jargon
  • -Inheritance and the importance
  • -CSS selectors
  • -Helpful resources when you are in a jam
  • -Tricks and hints from the pros
  • -Best practices to ensure you are using progressive enhancement with your CSS
  • -My CSS is done now what?
  • -HTML5 Boilerplate and CSS
  • -Media Queries and Liquid Layouts
  • -CSS positioning myths exploded
  • -CSS as a behaviour language



  My Role is not only as a partcipant, but an organizer and creator as well. We are all here to help, but always feel free to contact me with any questions through my P2PU feed(gray ghost visuals).
  CSS Zen Garden started it all for me and from there it all went uphill as they say. I am a gigantic fan of CSS wranglers such as Andy Clarke, Eric Meyer, Dan Cederholm, Ethan Marcotte, Aaron Gustafson and many more.
  I hope this course and information can povide a safe haven to share and explain common mistakes and tough to solve solutions for those wishing to take their CSS prowess to the next level. I am neither an expert nor a novice, but I would consider myself a strong CSS author who has deciphered CSS 2.1 specs without falling asleep -Okay I fell asleep onceI swear :). Graphic design and photography have been my forte and CSS has provided me with a medium that breathes life without being written in stone. The beauty of Web Design is that it can always be changed and altered.



The requirements are:

  • Be polite and respectful
  • Be willing to help and make things better
  • Must be passionate about web design and CSS 



Expect to work at your own pace as CSS Bliss and Beyond will be around for hopefully as long as CSS -which should be a very long time as far as I can tell.



  1. Organizers must help to make sure tasks are up to date and correct. We need good examples, tasks and code to learn from or else we have failed our participants/students/users.
  2. All tasks by participants must meet the organizers' approval before committed. Please make sure to contact organizers with your ideas and they will be sure to make them happen. This way we keep things clean and tidy for our users. Yes, remember those people we call users? we have now become one of them and the same consideration should be given.
  3. Participants are just that. Users who are particiating to learn and not to organize. They may always make suggestions to make things much more streamlined and yes, yes their opinions matter too. Participants may always leave comments on tasks pages, but please think before you type your comments as not to confuse future participants.

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