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Take the first steps in being a resource creator.

This is the first part of learning how to make a resource in NWP Digital Is and gets you signed up to have this permission in the site.

After becoming familiar with the website (Task #1) and thinking about a resource you might contribute (Task #2), to actually be a resource creator in Digital Is we ask that you do three more things:

#1: Understand the kinds of resources we are looking for;

We invite you to contribute resources that:

  • attend to our key areas of interest: digital writing and connected learning
  • take an inquiry stance toward teaching, share the theory of action behind the work and invite reflection and response
  • include reflection on examples of student work as appropriate (with permissions and protection of privacy as outlined in the Terms of Use)
  • use the tools of digital writing as appropriate to the resource and as supported by the technical capacities of the Digital Is platform.

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#2: Review the Terms of Use overall.

#3: Submit a request to be a resource creator.

Task Discussion