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Drafting and visioning your resource.

Here are some optional suggestions to support your drafting and visioning process.

Different people draft, vision and revision in different ways ... so feel free to work through this task however is best for you. We will provide you some ideas to get you going if you are stuck but also feel free to share ideas that you think others could use too. We can all work on this together!

What is your vision and purpose?

What is the vision you have for the design and use of your resource? Digital Is is flexible and can accomodate many different visions. Here are some examples:

  • a video resource like Robert Rivera-Amezola's Fourth Grade Service Learning Project includes a self-contained video that can be shared in other forums as a video;
  • whereas a multipaged book resource with text and pictures like Rochelle Ramay's This I Believe Goes Multimodal is highlighting several pieces of student work and the connections and context is important to see together and therefore multiple pages allow for these connections;
  • a comic entry made in another program and embedded like Kevin Hogdson's Webcomic Analysis: State of Student Technology can support an alternative way to provide commentary; or,
  • a one page resource that is much like a blog that includes different media like Peter Kittle's Online Literacy and Communities of Practice can be a nice easy-to-read post that include resources for learning more and going more deeply.

There are several options and you might think of more. The decision is up to you - what is the best way you'd like to share your work and practice?

Draft privately or in draft mode

We welcome drafting of resources in Digital Is and this can be done in private mode so that you can play with different options for your resource. Draft mode lets you share an in-progress resource with other resource creators.

Task Discussion