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Get yourself a blog.

Find a spot on the web and hang your hat.

Make a List

Draft a list of items you either:

  • care passionately about  
  • or want to learn more about

From dogs to cycling to Harry Potter--whatever interests you. These are perfect subjects for a blog!

Get Yourself a Blog

Sign up for a blog. Recommended places to do that:



Post the following items to this task:

  • the list of ideas you drafted, and the subject you decided to go with
  • the URL of the blog you started


Recommended Reading: 

"Why I Blog" by Andrew Sullivan.

Task Discussion

  • chinnan said:

    My blog is for learning and sharing of web technology. I am a beginner in coding.

    My blog will focus on web presentation. Discussing on CSS, HTML and other related technologies.

    on 6 juli 2012 01:34
  • DnvnQuinn said:

    I'm starting a blog because I often sit at home with my wife and say to myself "I wish there was a way to share this with people". We are heavy into the betterment of ourselves. Subjects I would write about include. 


    • Health and Fitness
    • Creative projects my wife does
    • Creative projects I do
    • Activism
    • Animal rights

    I'm just having the hardest time thinking up a name. 


    I was gonna go with FamilyofQuinn, but it doesn't have a good ring to it. Any suggestions?

    on 5 juli 2012 18:37
  • Alisha said:

    Hey ya'll. I'm new to the blogging (and P2PU) scene, and my heart's nervous about baring my blog for all to see. Regardless, I'm about to hit the big 2-5 (it's big for a youngster like me) and I decided I want to do and create as much as I could before then. My blog is a project space prone to many directions, and current personal challenges include screenprinting, book reviews, an informal research "paper", documenting meals, working on my "voice", and whatever strikes. Scared but here goes! is where I'm at. Lovely to meet you, and I look forward to going through this challenge!



    on 22 juni 2012 19:05
  • Joe said:

    I've been blogging at since 2009.  Usually I cover the news and happenings (and new features) of Moodle, which is a learning management system like Blackboard.  It's pretty niche but I enjoy it.  

    on 19 juni 2012 14:23
  • katiebelle63 said:

    I have a blog that I started a couple of months back. For the most part it is random ramblings about whatever is on my mind at the time.

    on 19 juni 2012 14:14
  • shaimaa said:

    So, this is a bit hard...

    The reason I want to blog is that I always have something to say, an opinion or a certain point of view that I wiould like to share with other human beings. My only doubt is whether or not what I want to share matters to anyone or it would be interesting enough for people to interact with it...

    Do I make any sense??

    on 13 juni 2012 12:41

    Will Cuthbertson said:

    I tottally can relate i feel that way all the time i just get over and post!!! journalisttakingoverthenation

    on 20 oktober 2012 23:38 in reply to shaimaa
  • Mohit Kumar said:

    Ideas or thoughts I'd like to put in my blog are Life Hacking, Investment and general analysis.


    I've started my blog as

    on 11 juni 2012 15:17
  • schreibtisch2 said:

    I just created a blog on Posterous to be a part of the challenge :-). This is my second blog. I created the first one a long time ago, but used it so little that I can't even remember my username now. I hope to be able to keep this one alive. Here are a few things I would like to learn more about. 


    Blues Guitar






    on 9 juni 2012 06:15
  • Emily Priddy said:

    I started a blog about 6 months ago,, that I haven't kept up with like I originally wanted. I think my problem might have been that I wanted to write about too many topics that would appeal to too many different audiences that would have just a small overlap.

    For example, I wanted to write blogs about how I balanced running a business out of my house and also having my daughter stay at home instead of be in daycare. These posts would target female business owners as well as stay-at-home moms, but the 'niche' would be the combination of the two.

    I also wanted to write articles that were specific to my work, some just reporting findings on the industry, some tutorials, and some just resources that I have found useful. These would be written for programmers, web designers/developers, and others in my industry.

    I thought about splitting up these ideas (and more) into multiple blogs, but I'm not sure if that would be more or less overwhelming. Any advice would be appreciated!!

    My list of interests are listed below and I highlighted what I want to learn more about: 


    • politics and social issues

    • cognitive dissonance

    • education

    • Thunder basketball

    • Duke basketball

    • parenting

    • creative DIY projects

    • fun learning activities to do with kids

    • OKC

    • web development

    • SEO

    • internet marketing

    • programming

    • math

    • piano

    • analytics

    • statistics

    • critical thinking

    • running a business

    on 8 juni 2012 20:29
  • Oki Onome O. said:

    Hi everyone, I'm too happy to be here with you. I'm looking forward to great time learning.
    on 4 juni 2012 18:38
  • Anoniem said:

    I tried Blogger in the past, but it wasn't for me because it's too limited. I'm thinking about starting a tech site focusing on Android and Mac OS X, hence the display picture. 

    I'm having trouble coming up with a good name so your help would be very much appreciated. 

    on 1 juni 2012 18:35

    Puru said:


    on 17 juni 2012 13:49 in reply to Anoniem
  • Matthew Rachansky said:

    I've been tossing the idea of a blog around for a month or so now.

    Generally I uploaded things to Facebook (I know, I know) but of course this is a woefully limiting capacity.

    Mostly I want to write about how things pertain to specific aspects of psychology (I'm a psychologist) and the social implications of things such as social media, culture as well as the ongoing changes in social norms. I've thought of a few things:

    news/current events

    social issues

    gender norms/LGBT issues



    This is my blog:

    I've yet to read the article by Mr. Sullivan (I'm going to now), but to me, blogging is about passion, and about life.

    on 30 mei 2012 09:34

    Matthew Rachansky said:

    I've yet to decide, also, what my blog will specifically be about. I think just what I read, what things fascinate and interest me.
    I know that's saying more with less, but really, I think that's what suits me.

    Also, as I read the article by Mr. Sullivan, this line stuck with me:
    "...[a blogger is]a node among other nodes, connected but unfinished without the links and the comments and the track-backs that make the blogosphere, at its best, a conversation, rather than a production."

    on 30 mei 2012 09:43 in reply to Matthew Rachansky
  • Andres Naranjo said:   Este mi página de blog.... llevo poco en esto así que esta casi limpio

    on 28 mei 2012 10:23
  • ggtuttle said:

    I've started a few blogs in the past, and all of them fell through after two or three posts. I'm hoping to really stick with this one!

    I want to learn more about:
    playing music
    designing and building rc/autonomous robots


    Also, I enjoyed the article "Why I Blog," by Andrew Sullivan. It contains a great deal of insight into blogging. It's helping me to understand that having a blog isn't necessarily about publishing essays polished with multiple drafts and long periods of reflection. Having the ability to let go of the control I have over my writing is a hard thing for me, since I'm naturally quiet, introspective, and dislike showing weakness through imperfect work.

    "...the key to understanding a blog is to realize that it’s a broadcast, not a publication. If it stops moving, it dies. If it stops paddling, it sinks."

    on 15 mei 2012 12:21
  • anoopsingh said:


    on 8 mei 2012 16:24
  • Anoniem said:

    My P2PU Journey at using a wordpress blog.

    on 2 mei 2012 14:51
  • Nate Stearns said:

    Blogging at Stearns as a teacher of English in Seattle (well, close enough).

    I also blog a bit at English Companion Ning about:

    • education
    • creativity
    • writing
    • technology
    • rhetoric/argument
    on 1 mei 2012 14:24
  • Anoniem said:

    Blogging away at The future of a Nordic Graduate

    I think the main topics I am trying to focus on is: 

    • Learning
    • Being Danish
    • Being a Post-Graduate student. 
    • Business topics, since that is what I studied
    • Travel
    • Organisational democracy


    on 23 april 2012 11:49
  • Simeon Jackson said:

    I've had a blog for a while, located at, but rarely upload content.

    The main area that I want to focus on for the purpose of this course is the "Manifesto" section, which is about my thoughts and theories.  I have a long list of ideas and possible posts which would make for very boring reading here, but here are a few highlights:

    • Poverty (particularly emotional and social poverty) has little to do with income
    • The art community seems to be trying to objectify what art is, where art is in reality only ever subjective
    • Almost all human activity is governed, via money, by centralised controllers of the money supply
    • Spending money has been encouraged during the recession whilst investing discouraged. Shouldn't this be the other way round?
    on 19 april 2012 12:40

    Philipp said:

    Hey Simon. All of these topics seem like they would lend themselves to a good debate. 

    Another blog that has consistently great writing on related topics is called crooked timber. Maybe you can find some inspiration there for different ways to structure your arguments and posts. 
    on 20 april 2012 15:28 in reply to Simeon Jackson
  • Angie12 said:

    Hello I am very new to this sort of thing but really wanted to give it a go , My blog is about Cross Stitching hopefully it will include up and coming pictures of patterns to be released , great offer websites and my own work with stitching if I hopefully get that far  and even a section for new stitchers on just how exactly to stitch . My blog is only in the early stages with introdution to it done and this is the url any advice welcome :)

    on 18 april 2012 19:58

    Vanessa Gennarelli said:

    Angie I just saw that you started a blog today! Congrats on finding your spot on the internet. Warm welcome from P2PU, and *can't wait* to see pictures. Vanessa

    on 18 april 2012 20:07 in reply to Angie12