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Suggestions for class project

Hi Everyone,

So happy to see strong interest for this class. We will be starting on June 20th (this Monday), with a new task roughly once per week. Big thanks to Mike Edwards, a graduate school professor who has taught this course before, for his help with the syllabus for this course. 

As part of the course we will be working on a class project which we will build from scratch. Please post your suggestions for a web based application you would like to be the focus for this course. Think of something simple and fun, we'll vote on the best ones.



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  • Anonym   9 november 2011 16:16

    I have a suggestion: how about interacting with api's with python (basecamp, twitter, etc)

  • Alex Kehayias   3 juli 2011 16:18

    Don't forget to vote! I'll keep it open just a little longer.


  • Agni   27 juni 2011 07:00
    1. News aggregator which shows the top news being shared based on number of Tweets, Facebook likes, Google +1, etc
    2. Something similar to missed connections from Craiglist, but only for univerisities.
  • Anonym   26 juni 2011 23:17
    1. Video site for P2PU demonstrating a day in the life of P2PU users and staff
    2. Music site for music from across the globe mainly Indie if at all possible
    3. Proxy Server(IDK how one would work just sounds cool)
    4. Video section for the website
  • Pein Junior   26 juni 2011 07:51

    1. Music Website

    2. Proxy Server Website

    3. Remote login site (remote login to computers)

    4. Dating site

    5. Video site (youtube like clone)

    6. clone

    7. IM Chat site

    8. Blog site

    9. Or Just a site that do new, events and other update about whatever.

  • smogg   26 juni 2011 08:15
    Som Svar På:   Pein Junior   26 juni 2011 07:51

    Youtube clone is very nice idea. Or "stackoverflow" clone could be nice too.

  • Jessica Ledbetter   23 juni 2011 19:22

    I like those ideas. Here are some more:

    • online education site (yes, like p2pu -- maybe can use some ideas for here)
    • recipe site (multiple people can submit and review, etc)
  • Alex Kehayias   14 juni 2011 20:00

    I'll start it off with some suggestions:

    -Fictional baseball league website 

    -Garage sale app

    -Craigslist clone

    -News website