posted message: Hey guys, about to start watching lectures for week 1; Who else is around? :)
posted message: Hi All, I have closed signup for the study group as there are no active groups going through any of the chapters right now. If you are interested in organising a new session please let me know. cheers, Jos
posted message: For those of you that are not in the google group, this message has just been sent: Ok guys, there's enough people for a new group, and we are in October already so, when do you guys want to meet? all happy with using IRC freenode #sicp channel? I would propose staring next week, on Sundays, before the chapter 2 meet up that we should start organising again. Chapter 1 meetup at 2pm EST 6 pm GMT Chapter 2 meetup at 3pm EST 7 pm GMT Please note that some places are on DST so times above are 2pm New York, 7pm London for Chapter 1. (also note that I always mess up timezones, so if this is wrong please let us know!) Please let me know what you guys think and we should skip today cause of the short notice. everybody happy? cheers, José