3. From Open Source to Open Content

This video provides a quick overview of open source software which will prepare you for a deeper dive into the intricacies of open source and free software.

This video is (c) YouTube user directrod and is NOT covered by the course's CC BY license.

After watching the video, spend some time exploring these additional resources:

Activities for From Open Source to Open Content

Write a blog post (or do a video post) discussing the ideals of open source and open content. Give a frank and honest assessment of these ideals. Which do you believe in strongly? Why? Which do you disagree with strongly? Why?

Create a concept map or mind map of what you've learned in the course so far. How do open source, open content, open licensing, Creative Commons, and sharing all relate to each other? You can draw this map and take a picture with your camera phone, or use an online mapping tool like MindMeister. Post a link to your concept map on your blog as well.

Remember - to submit (aka share) your work all you have to do is publish your blog post and link to it in a comment below!


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