5. Open Access, Open Data, and Open Science

We can only take the time to give a brief nod to open access, open data, and open science. These will all eventually have entire School of Open courses dedicated to them (e.g., https://p2pu.org/en/courses/5/open-science-an-introduction/). For now, let's just get our heads wrapped around the basic ideas.

Activities for Open Access, Open Data, and Open Science

How would education change if teachers and students had free and open access to the latest research, to the data upon which that research was based, and even the lab notes and other materials used by scientists as part of their scientific process? Some have argued that this would result in a second Renaissance, an incredible bursting forth and accelerating of scientific productivity. Others have argued that the only people qualified to use and interpret these types of materials already have access to them through their university libraries. (In other words, only PhDs can really take advantage of getting access to this level of detail.)

What do you think? Would there be a huge impact on education if open access, open data, and open science became the norm? Would it be positive? Would it be negative? Really try to use your imagination and creativity to think forward and try to predict what would happen if open became the default. Publish your thoughts (in writing or in video) on your blog.

As a second exercise, consider how open access, open data, and open science fit into your concept map. Update your map and share it with us on your blog.

Remember - to submit (aka share) your work all you have to do is publish your blog post and link to it in a comment below!


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