7. Open Assessment and Open Badges

We can only take the time to give a brief nod to open assessment and open badges. These will both eventually have entire School of Open courses dedicated to them. For now, let's just get our heads wrapped around the basic ideas.

Activities for Open Assessment and Open Badges

The value of alternative pathways to credit like Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and alternative credentials like badges are socially determined - they are only as valuable as people believe they are. For example, if employers will not hire people who earn credits through PLA or who demonstrate mastery with badges rather than transcripts, then other people are likely to place lower value on these alternatives.

What needs to happen for open assessment and open badges to become more widely accepted? How do these factors differ from what needs to happen to make them more widely available? Are availability and acceptance in a chicken-and-egg relationship? If so, how would you go about trying to increase them together?

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