Introduction to Language Transfer

In the first three items in this course, I explain the main resources and methods we will use to learn Spanish together. To finish them, just read them!

Language Transfer is the best free online Spanish learning tool I have found. It uses the "Thinking Method" to get you to learn and understand a lot of Spanish fast. It is very simple--just audio lessons in 5-20 minute chunks.

If you took the Beginning Spanish Study Plan on p2pu, you should have finished the first 35 lessons in the Language Transfer complete Spanish course. (At the time I created the Beginning Spanish Study Plan, the first 35 lessons were an independent beginning Spanish course. Now, happily, the folks at Language Transfer have finished the complete course.) If you haven't finished those lessons and you are a total beginner to Spanish, I recommend finishing them all now before you go any further. If you haven't finished those lessons but have some background in Spanish, I recommend listening to the first lesson, so you understand the basic method. Then experiment to figure out if you can join us easily at lesson 36, or if you should review or skip ahead.

After these introductory pieces, I will give us 30 pieces of content for this Spanish learning plan. Each of them will begin with the task of listening to one selection from the Language Transfer complete Spanish course. Take the time to do it as the course recommends--focus only on it, and pause the recording to give your response before the student in the course gives hers. This first task will form the core of our learning each time.

As always, this is just my own plan for language learning, which I hope others will also appreciate. If you find that something different than what I'm suggesting works better for you, by all means--do that instead! I am not the expert here, just another learner.


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