This course is a continuation of Beginning Study Spanish Plan. If you finished the first class, you should have completed Spanish 1 with Language Transfer, as well as the first chapter of instreamia's beginning Spanish course. In addition, you should have completed a number of exercises designed to help you learn a little bit more about the culture and politics of the Spanish-speaking world, with a focus on leftist political movements and queer and trans community in the Americas. Finally, you should have done a few games and exercises to expand your vocabulary related to law and social relationships.

For this course, I stick with Language Transfer as the core. I still think that this program is the best free online Spanish language program I have found--it helps us learn and understand a lot quickly. I've also added a heavier emphasis on the instreamia program. While as of this writing it is still in beta and has some bugs, it is a very engaging way to learn, at least for me. I like going back and forth between the two to keep myself interested. I've also incorporated a heavy emphasis on vocabulary building, again with a special emphasis on legal, activist, and social vocabulary. And I've included a bit more of the culture and politics exercises as well.

I am not an expert in language acquisition and I am only a beginner in speaking Spanish; I am simply sharing my own study plan in case others with similar interests wish to follow along and join me in learning.