Git & Your First Github Pull Request

Git is a popular revision control system that is used by many open source projects. We'll be using as part of our first 'Pull Request' :)

If you haven't already please make sure you have git correctly installed on your computer.

We will be cloning this Github repository, which creates this website. . You will be adding your name to the list with a link to the Webmaker Introduction you created earlier.


  1. Follow these steps to fork the repository.
  2. Clone the repository following these steps.
  3. Ensure everything is setup correctly.
  4. Follow the first step to add your name to the directory, but instead of creating a new profile page, simply link your name to the Introduction URL you created on Webmaker earlier in the course.
  5. Commit and Push.
  6. Create a First Pull Request!

Bonus Work


  1. How would you describe the experience of submitting your first pull request?
  2. Does this make you feel more likely to contribute (code or writing) to a Github project? If so, do you have any projects in mind?
  3. Briefly describe the difference between forking and cloning?
  4. What comments are most helpful to a github repository administrator when submitting your Pull Request?
  5. What would you like to learn next?


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