Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Open Source Software Communities

  1. Briefly describe Free & Open Source Software
  2. List 5 or more open source projects.
  3. Basic understanding of communication-styles of Open Source communities using IRC and distribution lists.
  4. Describe what attributes of an issue (or bug) seem most important when looking for a task ?


  1. Describe the difference between an IRC channel and server.
  2. Successfully setup an IRC client to connect to #openhatch on Freenode & #introduction on Mozilla.
  3. Describe how networks and channels make open source projects more 'findable' and accessible?


  1. Have success installing git on a local computer.
  2. Describe the terms 'fork' and 'clone' in relation to Github Repositories.
  3. Complete a '1st' Pull Request to a test project designed by Open Hatch.

Course participants will leave understanding the next steps, and opportunities to lend their skills.


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