Wrap-Up Discussion and next-steps

Congratulations! You've successfully participated in open source! We hope the experience has been rewarding and that a new sense of empowerment and excitement is taking over. You can do this!

Final Steps!

  1. If your skill-level* is 'beginner', select a first-tasks from Open Hatch list of opportunities. Or, if you would rate your skills-level as either 'intermediate' or 'expert', please reach out on the SocialCoding4Good Volunteer form for project pesonalized matching.
  2. Complete a pledge to get involved, to ask for help, and to be of help in any way you choose (ie: blog post, tweet, webmaker make).

*Skill level refers, not to your experience in open source, but to the real-world 'thing' you're good at, and can lend to a project. Examples: coding, writing, testing.

Once you share your pledge (in comments or via Twitter hash #sc4gEd), please request your badge :)


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