Week 4 - Statutory Licences

Key words: teacher's use of copyright material, statutory licence, statutory text and artistic licence, statutory broadcast licence

Please post (ie copy and paste) your answers in this week's google folder, under your group number, by the end of Sunday November 29 and finish your peer review by the end of Tuesday December 01.

One way you’re allowed to use copyright material in the classroom is under statutory licences. With Week 4's Readings and these tasks you’ll learn the ways in which statutory licences allow you to use a wide array of materials in the classroom.

Kent is an educator and frequently does the following for his classes:

  • make photocopies of chapters of textbooks to hand out to every student in his class;

  • download images from the internet to put on a smart board to present to his class;

  • save the link to a website and upload it onto the school’s password protected CMS for his students to access;

  • record a free-to-air TV show on Clickview then play it to the class;

  • print a city map of Melbourne for each student in his class.

Questions (to be answered by each group):

Note: If you need additional information to answer any of these questions, identify that information and how it would influence your responses. Do not answer these questions according to a copyright exception. Please focus on the statutory licences

  1. Is Kent allowed to make multiple photocopies of a chapter of a textbook under the educational statutory licences? Under what circumstances?

  2. Is Kent allowed to download the images from the internet? Is he allowed to put the images onto the smartboard?

  3. Is Kent allowed to use the website information in the manner described? What if he instead copied the material on the website as opposed to the link?

  4. Is Kent allowed to record and play the TV show?

  5. Is Kent allowed to print the city map of Melbourne?

Questions to assist your understanding (not to be answered)

  • What is a statutory licence?
  • What is the difference between an educational exception and a statutory licence?
  • What are the implications of a statutory licence?
  • What is the difference between a free use of copyright material and material used according to a statutory licence?


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