Week 6 Readings


This week we focus on the growing open access movement, which aims to create a pool of completely free, legally reusable material by making it easier for copyright owners to share their material with others, should they so choose. This is achieved by providing broad licences that creators can apply to their material to give permission in advance for certain uses. One of the most popular open access models is the Creative Commons system, which applies to all different types of creative materials and provides a range of licences with different levels of freedom. There are more than 500 million Creative Commons licensed works available on the internet, all of which can be legally reused as long as the particular licence the author has chosen is followed. Creative Commons builds on the 'all rights reserved' system of default copyright law to allow for a voluntary 'some rights reserved' system.

Reading and resources

General Resources:

Selected links to Smartcopying website:

Selected powerpoint presentations from the National Copyright Unit's slideshare site:

Additional resources:


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