Week 4 Readings


When we say that a person owns 'copyright' in a work, we mean that a person has the right to do (or authorise other people to do) specific things with that work. These specific rights are known as 'exclusive rights' and they are set forth in the Copyright Act 1968. Another person may not undertake any of these activities without the permission of the copyright owner, unless their use falls within certain exceptions or statutory licences set out in the Copyright Act.

This week, you will learn about statutory licences. These licences allow mass photocopying and other reproduction of copyright material for educational purposes, subject to payment by the institution. However, these licences are not absolute. They have their limits, and it is important as teachers that you know both the freedoms and boundaries that apply to you.

Readings and Resources

Selected links to Smartcopying Website

Selected powerpoint presentations from the National Copyright Unit's slideshare site:

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