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The Lowdown on Peer Learning

Your Task:

  • Define what "peer learning" means to you
  • Sketch out a peer learning project

Step 1: What is Peer Learning?

We bet you're here because you want to run a course on P2PU. We are very psyched about that. Let's get started.

Generally, peer learning at P2PU has 3 "givens":

enter image description here

  • Everyone has expertise in something.
  • We learn by connecting with each other and sharing what we know.
  • We give each other feedback to improve our projects.

So, Peer 2 Peer University is a bunch of people who like to learn this way:

enter image description here

Step 2: What is a Peer Learning Project?

Basically a peer learning project has 3 core "pieces":

  • Skills: what do you want folks to know?
  • Projects: what do you want folks to make to demonstrate that understanding?
  • Feedback: how do you want folks to share their projects and integrate that feedback?

Step 3: Design your Peer Learning Project:

Select a skills set you want folks to know--some ideas:

  • precise feedback
  • design thinking
  • community engagement
  • video production
  • teamwork

Select a project that peers can make that will demonstrate those skills--some ideas:

  • make a video tutorial
  • write a song
  • craft a mockumentary
  • produce a drawing, photo or game
  • hack together robots
  • draft a recipe

Select a feedback mechanism so peers can work together and share--some ideas:

enter image description here

  • a Badge for a data visualization project
  • design critique each week
  • accuracy check: check each other's work
  • webinar to showcase a project

Now that you have your skills, your project and your feedback mechanism, complete the following Mad Libs-esque prompt:

In my _(catchy title) course my peers will master _(skills) by doing _ (project) and __ (peer interactions) .

Here is an example:

In my "Web; The Movie" challenge my peers will understand how the web works by producing a mockumentary and giving design critiques.

Please post your definition of peer learning, and your Mad Libs exercise below before moving on.


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