More About Badges

How it Works.

At P2PU, Badges are a way to get feedback on a learning project. You can create Badges and associate them with your course. As the Badge creator, you will automatically be an "Expert" and possess the Badge. As other people apply, you can award the Badge to them and create a band of Experts to help give feedback.

Creating a Badge

enter image description here

To create a Badge, pop on over to and click "Create." You can upload your image, and include specific criteria that a project should demonstrate to show mastery. From there, you’ll have a chance to preview and publish your Badge. If you just want to save it and come back later, the Badge will appear in your profile under “Badges in the Garden Shed.”

What the Learner Sees

When a learner submits a project, our platform prompts them to write a bit of reflection around it. This is mean to prompt self-assessment on behalf of the learner, and gives some context to the Expert when they are evaluating the project.

Here is what learners will see when they submit a project: enter image description here

We value qualitative feedback, so learners will receive "Kudos" "Questions" and "Concerns" when their project is evaluated by an expert. It will look something like this: enter image description here

To find out more about Badges, visit


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