Tips and Tricks:

Your Task

  • Create a Course on
  • Familiarize yourself with markdown and image uploader
  • Learn how to use the communications features for your course

Step 1: Create a Course

We'll ask you to kindly navigate over to and click "Create a Course."

You'll get an interface that looks like this: enter image description here

This is your chance to make a first impression to the world--give your course a snappy name.

From the "Admin" dropdown, you can: - upload a beautiful cover photo - add organizers - change permissions - embed tasty metadata about your course to help learners find it.

From the "Content" tab and dropdown, you can: - add content modules - move modules around - delete modules you no longer have a use for :)

Step 2: Markdown and Images

Markdown: The story with markdown is that it's much easier to read and use than HTML "markup."

Here's a good primer and resource to familiarize yourself with the syntax--don't worry, it's not scary.

You can always use the WYSIWYG editor to make your content bold, italic, or for lists.

Images: click the little Polaroid-looking icon at the top nav bar, and embed the link to your image. Unfortunately, it must live somewhere else on the web--so feel free to use platforms like Flickr or Wikimedia.

When you click on the Polaroid-looking icon, link directly to the image in question, and make sure the link ends with the file type, i.e. .png, .jpeg, etc.

Step 3: Comments on

You can communicate with learners 3 different ways on

  1. Content tab: each content module has its own discussion. You can ask folks to post discussion comments there, images, or links to their projects.
  2. Discussion tab: this is a good place for overarching comments and questions about the course--think about this tab as a "Help Desk."
  3. Announcements: this is a way for an organizer to send course-wide updates to participants.

Your Task

Create a Course on, and post the link to it below. You are welcome to share a question that you have about the platform and we'll do our best to answer it :)


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