Steal these Course Ideas.

Your Task

  • Examine 3 peer learning experiences at P2PU
  • Choose one element of each that you could use for your course
  • Post what you plan to steal in the comments below

Let's take a look at folks who have made really solid peer learning experiences at P2PU.

Example 1: "Draw a Picture of How the Web Works"

Here's the project John Britton designed for his School of Webcraft class, “Web 200: Anatomy of a Request.” The skill demonstrated by this prompt is to understanding what happens from when you press ‘go’ in your browser to seeing a page rendered on your screen.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

You'll notice that John designed the course with the skills in mind, a project that demonstrated those skills, and a way for the peers to share with each other what they knew--in this case, a Flickr set.

Example 2: "The Data Explorer Mission"

In our partnership with the Open Knowledge Foundation, we created the Data Explorer Mission, where we prompted small groups to clean, analyze and visualize a C02 emissions dataset.

Cohorts worked together in groups of 10 to create their own visualizations and stories. They meet weekly via Googlehangout, and used email. Here's a visualization made my learner Anna Sakoyan in group 10:

enter image description here

Her full recap of the course can be found at My First Data-Driven Story Ever.

Note that we designed a project around the skills we identified: data analysis, cleaning, visualization and storytelling. Peers could also submit their project for feedback via our Badge platform.

Example 3: "Badge System Design"

Rockstar P2PU Community Members Leah Macvie and Peter Rawsthorne put together a comprehensive introduction to Open Badges.

enter image description here

In the course, learners look at the various Badge systems out there, evaluate each system based on a rubric, and then learners are prompted to create their own Badge system.

And now...

Choose one element of each that you could use for your course, and post what you plan to remix below.


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