Week 1: Introduce yourself and your classroom need - August 5

For discussion in your small group

  1. Introduce yourself and why you are here. What grade and subject do you teach? What timezone do you live in?
  2. What is your classroom or educational resource need? What problem are you trying to solve, if any? What questions do you have? Name the topic you need help with teaching, or the educational resource you need help improving

Your task for the week:

(due Sunday, August 11)

  • Look out for an introductory email. Respond with your name, profession/field, and timezone.
  • Complete Task 1 of the Get CC Savvy challenge: Copyright and Creative Commons are friends.
  • Choose a topic you want to work on in this course: Either pick a specific resource you would like to supplement (eg. a textbook chapter), or decide more generally on a section in your curriculum you'd like to make more fun for your students. (If you're stuck, try Task 1 of Teach Someone Something with Open Content.)
  • Read about Communicating in this course and register for a Wordpress account if you don't already have a blog. Post your Wordpress username below so I can add you as an author to the cc4k12 blog. If you already have a blog, post a link to it below!


Additional resources:

About P2PU from Karen Fasimpaur on Vimeo.


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