Week 2: Creative Commons in Context - August 12

Before your small group meeting, choose to watch one of the following recorded webinars on the history and context of CC licenses.

  1. Creative Commons Licensing and Open Educational Resources (@One webinar, recorded 2010) - Skip to 14:00 or 15:00 minutes to get to the meat.
  2. Creative Commons for Social Media Art Camp (for artists and arts organizations, recorded 2010)

For discussion in your small group

  1. Discuss reactions and questions to "Creative Commons and copyright are friends."
  2. Discuss Creative Commons history and its role in education.

Your task for the week:

(due Sunday, August 18)

*Remember to post a link to your blog post below if you are using your own blog.

Additional resources:

Suggested activities for the classroom:

  • If you flip to pp. 9, 14, and 22 of the book above, you'll see three simple and fun activities you can try with your kids to help them better understand copyright and Creative Commons.
  • If you're already well versed in copyright, you might try EFF's True or False Copy Quiz for the classroom.


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