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Creative Brief Four - Analysing Film


“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”



The Brief

As professional media producers you will often have to train yourself to acquire knowledge in a subject area very quickly, as you will regularly be working on projects outside of your own expertise.

This weeks task is for you to produce a three minute tutorial video that shows someone how to use a particular theory related to film and cinematography. Your group will be handed an envelope with an area of study in it (including psychoanalytic film theory, representation, semiotic analysis, auteur theory, audience studies, feminism, montage theory, mise en scene etc) and you must create a video that explains that theory. Alongside this you must also show one example of you using this particular theory to analyse media (such as an example from television or film, or your own example).

We would like you to think creatively about how you could make an interesting, informative and entertaining video that helps you and your peers to develop their knowledge about the area you have been asked to show.

Elements the video must include:

  • Your video must be three to five minutes long.
  • It must introduce the theory for a beginner.
  • You must find out about the key theorists of this area
  • It must also include an example of you using the theory to analyse a particular piece of media work (film, photograph, tv).
  • It must be presented in a creative and entertaining way.


Each group will be given a 20 minute timeslot to initiate and develop their work with the tutors.

Uploading your work

Upload it to Vimeo by Sunday 28th October Midnight.

Task Discussion