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Creative Brief Seven- Cinematic Freedom; Design Your Own Task


“There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labour of thinking.”

- Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Brief

This week you have Cinematic Freedom.  You are charged with designing your own task.  You will produce a short video clip that will enhance your showreel.  You should work individually or in small groups (no larger than 3).  The task that you create should test the limits of your knowledge and force you to work outside of your comfort zone, as well as adding variety to your reel.  Every shot that you produce should have a specific purpose.  You must submit the title and outline of your task on Vimeo in this forum:

If you are stuck for an idea please use one of the tasks that is posted there.

It is not enough to shoot random images of Coventry City centre, edit them together and fabricate a task title at the last minute!

Some Examples:

  • Film a chase sequence
  • Light a first kiss
  • Try a new technique (time-lapse/slowmo etc)
  • Invent a new technique for filming
  • Film 5 Shots that show off your directing/cinematic abilities
  • Experiment with camera movement


  • The title and outline for the task must be submitted by 17:00 this afternoon
  • The task must add value to your showreel.
  • Your video must not include any of the following: Squirrels, Pigeons, Cathedrals.
  • No exterior shots within the Cov ring road.
  • (If working in groups) Every member must operate the camera for at least three shots.

Uploading your work

When you are finished upload it to Vimeo and add it to the Cine Collective Vimeo page by Sunday 18th November, Midnight. We will be feeding back on them during next weeks session.

Task Discussion