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Creative Brief One - Long Portrait Task


Creative Brief One- The Long Portrait

“Someone said to me, early on in film school... if you can photograph the human face you can photograph anything, because that is the most difficult and most interesting thing to photograph. If you can light and photograph the human face to bring out what's within that human face you can do anything.”

- Roger Deakins, Cinematographer

The Brief

Portrait photography is capable of expressing people in a moment- conjuring up elements of personality, character and emotion. An important part of your development as visual artists is about paying attention to detail and learning to craft your approach to ‘the shot’ and ‘people’. 

This week we want to to create a One Minute ‘Long Portrait’ of yourself. You will need to think about how you can use the following as a way to add meaning and ‘story’ to your representation of yourself. Each of the following elements should be approached for a reason:

  • Location, Mise-en-scene, Action, Lighting, Framing- Camera Angle/Movement, Time, Inspiration and Research

This weeks Obstructions- the rules you must obey:

  • The whole minute should be a single shot
  • No sound or music, no text at all
  • Attention to detail- no unthoughtful work, no cliche


Here are some examples to help get you started. Think about what they are doing to you/saying- where are you being positioned? What are you being asked to contemplate? Long Portraits Melancholia No Surprises David Beckham Sleeping Sinead O’Conner Bill Viola Clayton Cubbitt – Debauchette A more Corporate Example 

Uploading your work

When you are finished upload it to Vimeo and add it to the Cine Collective Vimeo page by Sunday 7th October Midnight. We will be feeding back on them during next weeks session.

Task Discussion