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Attend the Kickoff!

Our goal is to make the first half of the kickoff a relaxed, fun atmosphere to get to know each other (I suggest a potluck at my house in Columbia Heights unless anyone wants to suggest another idea).  The second half we'll have some more structured discussion and planning to get this thing started.

Before the meeting
1) Tell us when are you available?  **Please fill out this doodle**
3) Share any ideas you have for helping make the kickoff go smoothly - suggest food or drinks you could bring or an activity you could lead in the discussion below.
Here is a general outline of things we'll need to cover once we get to the second half.  This will be a facilitated group discussion started by Alan:
1) Discuss the history of peer learning and the Citizen Circles model
2) Discuss the importance of chemistry, roles, and the importance of co-leadership in this group.  Discuss our own learning profiles (are you just getting interested in this topic or have you been studying it for years?) and goals.
3) Discuss what kind of Citizen Circle this is (a subject dive, personal / team growth, movement building, etc.).  Discuss what kind of learning goals the whole group might share given each of our individual goals and what general model might work for reaching those goals (a series of discussions, skill-developing exercises, a studio for individual project work, etc.).
4) We will discuss the curriculum ideas people have brought to the group and brainstorm a list of meeting topics and what resources, discussion topics, or activities would be needed for each.
After all of our ideas are on the table, we will whittle them down to a manage number (let's aim for 6 at first) and ask for individual volunteers to take responsibility for planning and leading meetings.  This can, and most likely will, change as we go along, and we could very well decide to go beyond 6 meetings.  But we want to start manageable.  
Note: we will go ahead and pick dates and times for each of the subsequent meeting at the first meeting, even if you have to adjust them later.  So bring your calendars!
After the meeting
1) All are welcome to stay in the Citizen Circle or not if it doesn't meet their needs, but coming to the next meeting means you are committed to following through with the plan we create at the kickoff.
2) One of us will build out this plan on our course page here on P2PU and ask outsiders to help review the syllabus and contribute additional ideas.
3) Those who volunteer to help plan or facilitate specific meetings should take the responsibility seriously- including planning meetings, securing materials, inviting guests, etc. and also making sure you are comfortable with the art of facilitation.  If you're not sure if you are, practice!  Talk to us or a previous Citizen Circle participant for some help or google "facilitation tips."

Task Discussion