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Contribute and Discuss Your Ideas

Before our kickoff, please think about what we could use to help us better learn about design thinking- readings, videos, discussions, activities, guests, case studies, projects- and help contribute resources and ideas here.  We will go over these together and lay out a plan when we meet the first time.  If you have an idea for a plan, go ahead and start suggesting / discussing it here.  

Keep in mind that even if we end up doing many different things in our own time between meetings, we'll all want to agree to a certain number of things to do together in-person for about six meetings or more: activities or discussions that some of us will volunteer to help plan and facilitate.  So keep that in mind when you are thinking of ideas.
Here's what a few of you have already suggested.
What is Design Thinking?
- Design Thinking: "Little Bets" (book) - Peter Sims
- Tim Brown - What is Design Thinking
Open source curriculum
Stanford Bootcamp Bootleg - "Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test"
Design Thinking Process - "Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation, Evolution"

Task Discussion