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Web Tools for Delivering Learning Resources

Adapt the material you have created to the intended audience

(Source: Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church )

The role as a Networked Teacher is almost like a conductor and when you deliver the learning resource you created it have to be adapted to the intended audience.  Distributed cognition is a common theory for Networked Learning and in the learning environment students assembles and interacts with your learning resource.  In this task you have to explain how you will deliver the material: 

A. Before (How do students prepare?) 

B. During (How do students interact?) 

C. After (How do students follow up?) 

You might only need one of this aspects for delivering, sometimes the before and after are delivered the same way.  The bonus assignment is to try to present both verbal and graphical information according to the modality principle

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Facilitators note:  The webzine I mentioned can be used before my presentation, but I would probably also give the students a question to start their own inquiry:  Can you find an example of Networked Learning in your own life?  During the presentation I have divided the material into two youtube videos: Educator Prophet #1.1 and Educator Prophet #1.2.  This allows me to play the videos in a google hangout if it is a smaller group.  I can also share the screen in Skype or invite participants to a LiveStream.  Finally after the presentation the webzine and recorded LiveStream is available, but I also created a Slideshare.

Task Discussion