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Meetings & Schedule

The course will start on the 25th of April and the first meeting is planned for the 26th. The schedule will be relatively full for the first couple of weeks when the workshops are running. Each workshop will last approximately three hours, depending on the feedback and the interest of the participants. Following the workshops, we will have meetings more rarely in the course, as more of the work will depend on your individual work on the proposals and individual mentoring to find appropriate funding bodies for your projects.

The following times are given in UTC and can come to be changed depending on the requests of the participants. Meetings will take place on IRC using the Chat feature on P2PU. Additional meetings will be scheduled with individual students, or groups of students, as per the needs of the proposal writing process, and for individual mentoring.


  • 26 April 17:00 UTC: First meeting of the participants, introduction of the course and discussion around the goals and schedule.
  • 3 May 17:00 UTC: Workshop 1
  • 6 May 17:00 UTC: Workshop 2
  • 10 May 17:00 UTC: Workshop 3
  • 13 May 17:00 UTC: Workshop 4
  • 17 May 17:00 UTC: Workshop 5
  • 20 May 17:00 UTC: Workshop 6


The final deadline has been pushed towards August, to give everyone time to work on their projects. From the last workshop, which was held on the 20th of May, everyone in the course can submit project proposals for an expert review. Based on the feedback, some revisions might be necessary.

Once such revisions have been made, participants are paired together to review each other's proposals. Finally, after this round of peer reviews and revisions, the proposals are reviewed a final time before they will be submitted to a funding body for consideration.

Task Discussion