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This is the syllabus for the Getting your CC Project Funded Course. The learning objectives for the course are specified below, and successful completion of the course involve reaching a sufficient level of understanding in each of these learning objectives. However, most importantly, successful completion of the course means that you have a finished proposal for a project using Creative Commons, which can be submitted for consideration by a funding body we have discussed together.

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  1. express an abstract ideas in terms of concrete aims and goals,
  2. understand the structure of a project proposal and how to encourage readability and understanding of a proposal,
  3. give estimate for the completion of a project,
  4. work with budgets and resource allocation,
  5. find appropriate funding bodies for relevant projects,
  6. review project proposals written by others and provide constructive feedback.

The course does not have any obligatory course material, but links and materials will be provided as part of the workshops conducted in the course.



Task Discussion