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Workshop List

During the course we will conduct six different workshops focusing on six different areas of a project proposal. Between each workshop, and in particular after the fifth workshop, you should be working on your own proposal to bring what you learn in the workshops into the proposal.
  • Workshop 1: How do we move from having an idea to realizing those ideas in terms of having aims, and goals?
  • Workshop 2: Which funding bodies are there that can give financial support, and how do we find appropriate sponsors for our project?
  • Workshop 3: How can we structure our proposed work in terms of tasks and how do we make a realistic timeline?
  • Workshop 4: Knowing how long time we estimate, and the resources we need, how do we put together a reasonable budget?
  • Workshop 5: What happens after the funding period is over? How do we make the project sustainable?
  • Workshop 6: What would we look at when reviewing another proposal.

Task Discussion