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Lists, Links, and Multimedia [June 4, 2011, 8:18 p.m.]

Lets take a look at ways to itemize lists, link to other documents, and insert multimedia into our pages.

Lists come in two flavors ordered and unordered. Ordered lists flow in sequence while unordered lists have no required, or meaningful, order. For example, a shopping list may be considered as an unordered list of you are not concerened with the order in which you find the items in the store.

The <ol> tag is used to create ordered lists, while the <ul> tag denotes unordered lists.

Lets create two lists one will be a grocery list and the other wil be instructions describing how to check out at the market. First the grocery list:


List items are surrounded by <li> tags like so:




And finally we close the unordered list: