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Add context with a Wikipedia plugin

Suppose you have a persuasive video or an interview about climate change.  It might be one of the topics being discussed today at Random Hacks of Kindness.  A key phrase in your video, such as "IPCC predictions" or "carbon sequestration" could throw off your audience.  Popcorn lets you show excerpts from Wikipedia on the side, without interrupting your video.  Ideally, whenever your viewer looks up from the video for an explanation, one should be there.

The Wikipedia plugin is represented in both the HTML page and in the JavaScript code.


<div id="wikidiv"></div>


.wikipedia ( {


        start: 7,
        end: 20,
        src: "",
        target: 'wikidiv'
} )
You can also add a title: "Title Text" to a Wikipedia plugin, but that won't be shown in this example.
The design here is very simple.  By changing the HTML part of the page, you can make a more interesting frame and include a Wikipedia logo so people know who you're quoting.  This would be one quick example:

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