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How to think like a producer

How does someone think like an interactive video producer?  I'd argue that we don't know yet.  The technology is quite new, and the possibilities for video film and video plugins are both quite open.  Without Popcorn, producers could spend as much time on plugins and their Facebook tie-ins as the actual filming and editing of a video.  Adding interactivity to videos should be nearly as easy as uploading your video and posting it onto your webpage.

I found a 2 minute video on the EarthOutreach channel for us to share:

Take notes as you watch this video - what people are introduced?  You could use the TagThisPerson or Twitter plugins to connect viewers to people in the video.  Are there words such as "carbon credits" that you'd like to explain to users with the Wikipedia plugin?  For work in a particular place (such as the Kenyan tree group) would you put a map alongside the video?

Post your notes here.

Task Discussion

  • Nicholas Doiron   May 29, 2011, 4:44 p.m.

    Each of the groups in the video have their own feature videos, so you could take notes on a particular group if you wanted.  Let's focus on ideas in this thread and less on the technical side.

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