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Please add cases that interest you directly to this list.  Discussion in the comments below.
Knowledge Forum is an  electronic group workspace designed to support the process of knowledge  building. With Knowledge Forum, any number of individuals and groups  can share information, launch collaborative investigations, and build  networks of new ideas…together.
Women into Science, Engineering and Construction (WISE) - works with industry  and education to inspire girls and attract them into  Science,  Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) studies and careers.
The Math Forum is the comprehensive resource for  math education on the Internet. 
Shaping P2PU - The purpose of this course is to understand how P2PU works: how it is (or isn't) meeting its mission, how conversations about shaping the mission develop, and about how workflows work around the site.  The hope is that this course can play a useful role in the daily operations of P2PU.

Task Discussion

  • Joe Corneli   May 12, 2011, 8 p.m.

    I added "Shaping P2PU" to the list of interesting cases, because it's something that everyone with this course has relevant background for.  Namely, how does CSCL work around P2PU?  Stian in particular has some relevant writings on the topic.  I also think P2PU is a good case study because we could make some serious targeted interventions here as a final (or ongoing) project.  Note that "Shaping P2PU" is just one starting point for P2PU stuff (but I think a good one).

  • Joe Corneli   May 12, 2011, 7:53 p.m.
    I'd be interested to understand the Math Forum better, partly because I'm interested in helping PlanetMath "compete" with it.
    The first problem I see with the Math Forum is:
    Any use, whether in print or electronic format, beyond that specified in the fair use guidelines issued by the U.S. Copyright Office, must have explicit permission and/or licensing from The Math Forum @ Drexel.
    The second is that their claim to be "THE comprehensive resource for math education" somewhat rubs me the wrong way.  Is any resource really "comprehensive"?
    To their cr€dit, they do have a business model that works (mainly related to teacher training if I understand correctly).