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Course communications


There will be a few obligatory readings for each week, together with a list of additional resources (ideally, this resource will grow as the course progresses, becoming a valuable annotated bibliography of freely available CSCL literature). For core students, there will be a discussion forum available on the P2PU platform (threaded comments under the task for each week). You are also encouraged to blog on your own external blogs, which will be syndicated into the platform. There will be a one hour meeting in Big Blue Button every week.. The course organizers will post brief YouTube videos summarizing each week, and send out bi-weekly updates, pointing out interesting external resources, etc.
Core students are also welcome to experiment with external platforms, such as mind-mapping tools, graphical discourse environments, etc. There will be a CSCL wiki, either on, or in an external location, where we will try to capture the most valuable contributions that come up during the course.
Network students will not be able to comment on the tasks on P2PU, but will be able to read all interactions. Their blogs will not be syndicated into the course activity stream, but we will set up some external site to syndicate everything using the #csclintro tag, and we will highlight the most interesting external resources in the bi-weekly newsletter. Networked students are welcome to participate in the Big Blue Button calls, and are able to challenge badges, if they can find someone to evaluate their challenges.

Task Discussion