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WK 7 - Cases: Knowledge Forum, WISE, Math Forum, Compendium, embedded phenomena, immersive enviro's

This week we will hopefully have a guest presentation by Sandy McAuley, who has worked with Knowledge Forum (did his PhD with Scardamalia), indigenous communities, and lately also been involved in work around MOOCs. We are still waiting to confirm, but hopefully he will be able to join us at our normal meeting time on Saturday. 

Therefore, I hope everyone can read the article he suggested:

McAuley, A. and Walton, F. (2011). Decolonizing cyberspace: Online support for the Nunavut MEd. IRRODL, 12, 4.

Case studies

In addition, this week we were planning to look at different case studies of tools for CSCL teaching and learning. I have added a few below, you are free to choose other ones. It would be great if you could edit this post and add your name next to which ever tool you choose. Read the article - or do your own literature search - and please blog about it (we won't have that much time to discuss this in the weekly talk). You are also free to add an article to EdutechWiki about the tool, if there isn't already one, or improve on the existing one.


We will meet as usual, on Saturday at 5PM EST, in Etherpad

Task Discussion