5. Plugging Sensors and Actuators to your Network

The sensors and actuators are the elements that make it possible to interact with the real world. Examples of sensors include temperature sensors, proximity sensors, accelerometers and light sensors. Examples of actuators include motors, LEDs and buzzers.

It is fun to sense the world and gather data. But it is even more fun to react to process the sensed data and react to changes in the environment. This is were things get interesting.

Both the Arduino and the XBee have input and output ports. The output ports can be connected to actuators such as LEDs, buzzers, motors, relays, LCD displays, etc. The combination of sensors and actuators make it possible to implement automation systems such as lights that turn on when it gets dark.

Activity Tell us which are your favorite sensors and actuators and how they can be combined with a network to create an awesome project.


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