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Full Description


Are you a Web developper, a Business man, a Designer, a Project Manager and are currently working on an Online Community? Are you building/thinking people's interactions, understanding what to do when users are misbehaving and need advice and guidelines?

This course is for you. It will help you adopt some basic design thinking to help you understand the structure of a community, the basic interactions between people, and the dynamic and tips for how to increase length of stay and other activities that could help sustain the community.

We will cover the basic understanding of communities using metaphors with the real world and offline communities. Draw some conclusions, prepare a set of questions to ask ourselves before building an online community. Setting people's goals, rewards and motivation. Setting business goals clearly. Setting branding goals. 

You will walk out of this course with a guide you will have built yourself that will help you doing a great job.

Learning Objectives

  1. Ask the right questions
  2. Understand people's interaction
  3. Establish goals as guidelines
  4. Understand basics human interactions
  5. Learn how to make your community positive and motivated
  6. Learn how to manage mean users
  7. Learn the 5 key elements to make sure to have in a successful online community


  1. Currently working on an online community
  2. Curiosity

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