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Wk 2-Synthesizing our discussions

Some participants have made suggestions about different tools that they use for synthesising multiple perspectives. One simple but effective method I've used is to use textas, poster pages and a digital camera. This hands on method, with learners working in groups, promotes lots of conversation, furthers learning and is rather fun. Just snap the final product and it can be uploaded to our P2PU space.

Working either individually, in small group or collaboratively with the larger group experiment with coming up with a synthesis of the contributions for one topic, a couple of topics or the whole weeks contributions.

Maybe you would like to add your thoughts about key ideas which have emerged for you from this weeks discussions to our wallwisher 'noticeboard'...

Optional activity

Maybe you have come up with another approach you would like to try. Why not try it out and get some feedback from our group participants?

Task Discussion