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What your project needs

Develop a list of things you need to make this project successful. It could be people, supplies, partners, or other things.

From this, we'll work on developing a budget for your project.

Remember this:

Make one list of all businesses that would be willing to sponsor ITEMS - for example, if you were doing a garden, places that might provide mulch, places that might provide seeds, places that might provide plants, benches for the park, markers for the plants, etc.   Remember this, if you followup with this company with a business thank you letter, this will allow the business to write off expenses or donations tax free.  It also means in future projects, if you are diligent with thanking then, they would consider helping you in the future again well!

A second list could be groups that would be willing to donate their time - so think of Soroptomists', the Shriner's, and even a close by retired residence home, that can help bring community members together under one project.  

Task Discussion