How does a game work? (Dissect)

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Here's where you get to relive your youth, or if you are a youth, you get to relive... yesterday! Pick a board game you are familiar with. In your mind, visualize the board - its layout and the pieces it uses. Now, create an imaginary friend and play a round or two so that you get a sense of how the game is played. Keep this image in your mind as you progress through this task.

Identify and explain the specific components of a common board game.

  • Describe in detail the logic and rule structure responsible for the game experience.

In a post to the task thread, select a board game and:

  • Identify the specific components that work together to comprise that game.

  • Include a flowchart of the game experience.

  • Select at least one other peer's contribution and evaluate it using the Peer Interaction prompt

Peer Interaction:
Identify gaps in the work of your peers and reflect on their contributions as they apply to your own post/analysis. Is the game complete in its explanation? Missing rules? Maybe there are variants you could share.

Things to think about:
Sometimes it can be beneficial to approach your topic from a different perspective. What lens(es) could enable you to craft an answer from a different point of view? Could you see through the eyes of an artist, an engineer, a psychologist, a writer? How might their view be different from your own. Now think about this from the standpoint of the learners with whom you work. Do they think like you?


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