Dissect a video game (How does it work?)

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So now that you have identified the components that comprise a video game, your challenge is to dissect a video game of your choice and find out what makes it tick. Some games can be extremely complex, others are far more simple, however under the hood they all share a common framework. Reverse-engineer your choice of video game and then isolate and describe each of its component areas.

Identify and explain the specific components of a common video game. Describe in detail the logic and rule structure responsible for the game experience.

In a post to the task thread,

  • Select a video game and identify the specific components that work together to comprise that game.
  • Include a flowchart of the game experience.
  • Select one aspect of the video game that you feel makes that game. Discuss its role and consider what effect its absence would have on the game.
  • Select at least one other peer's contribution and evaluate it using the Peer Interaction prompt

Peer Interaction:
Identify gaps in the work of your peers and reflect on their contributions as they apply to your own post/analysis.

Things to think about:
A video game is more than the simple sum of its parts. The design of a good game brings those parts into balance, but a GREAT game has something more. See if you can discover what that is, and then apply it!


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