Design a video game (How can I build my own?)

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You've reached the last mile of this journey. Now is the time to gather all of the tools you've collected or built and begin the process of designing your own video game. We won't build it here, but we will lay the groundwork for what we will build in the future. I recommend that you build a cabin before you attempt a mansion!

Start simple and build upon your successes.

Using the component areas specified in the prior task, begin to develop your own game and include detail for each of those specific components. Describe in detail the logic and rules responsible for the game experience. Develop an appreciation for the value of a storyline/hook in a game.

Knowing the components that comprise a video game, create the framework for one of your own. In a post to the task thread,

  • Propose your own video game concept. Identify what would be included for each of the specific components that work together to comprise that game.
  • Include a flowchart of the game experience.
  • Describe the storyline/hook that makes your game compelling.
  • Select at least one other peer's contribution and evaluate it using the Peer Interaction prompt

Peer Interaction:
Identify gaps in the work of your peers and reflect on their contributions as they apply to your own post/analysis. Ask clarifying questions about their design structure, game play, storyline, etc.

Things to think about:
At this point you have explored what games are, and you've thought about what they mean to you. As you work on your own design, consider implementing some of the best aspects of the games you've studied.


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