Define a video game (What is it?)

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Now you see why you were asked to go play a video game! And since it is fresh in your mind, we're going to see how video games add a new layer to the game construct. Pay particular attention to what is different between a simple board game and a video game.

Identify and explain the broad components of games as they pertain to the video game genre in order to be able to construct a scaffold for teaching this in your own classroom/environment.

Using your earlier, and by now revised and updated, definition component areas specified in the prior task, examine and analyze several different video games and:

  • In a post to the task thread, identify the broad components that work together to comprise video games.
  • Discuss what you view as important characteristics that differentiate video games as their own genre?
  • Select at least one other peer's contribution and evaluate it using the Peer Interaction prompt

Peer Interaction:
Identify gaps in the work of your peers and reflect on their contributions as they apply to your own post/analysis. Remember that we are looking to expand our definition of games to include the unique characteristics of video games.

Things to think about:
Remembering our desire to be understood across cultural and geopolitical borders, please be very clear and complete in your explanations.


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