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Week 1- Tech Tools

For tonight’s Tech Tools session we’re going to do a bit of old school show & tell. Please bring along your favorite smart mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) and a web site link to least one app that you have used or are considering using for an ARG. We will be giving everyone a bit of time to share, show & tell their app and idea(s) for using it, and we will be sharing a few of our own. The session promises to be fun for all the family (who are allowed up past bedtime), so join us won’t you?

Tonight’s session will start 7pm Second Life Time (SLT), i.e. 7pm PDT in the U.S., and take place at the Front Range Ground Floor location:  (look for the tree stumps & dandelions)

(If you'd like to see how this time lines up for you in other parts of the world, try:

Task Discussion