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Provoking with Imagery


Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, Artist and Activist, completed the “Study in Perspective” series from 1995 to 2003. Similar photos were taken front of political or cultural monuments in Paris, Washington DC, Berlin, Beijing and Hong Kong.


Taking one of the areas that you have developed out of your Week One: Finding issues workshop do the following:

Create a single image that provokes people to think about your issue.

This could be a photograph, a design, an illustration, painting or drawing. The important point is that it needs to provoke and stimulate a reaction, and make a point. You should use visual language to ask a question, to get people to see something they haven’t seen before, to show a truth or to show an emotion.

For this week you have one obstruction (an obstacle): you must aim to do this in as visual a way as possible. You are NOT ALLOWED TO ‘ADD’ TEXT to the image to anchor the meaning- you must use purely visual codes and symbols.

You should then upload this image to the Creative Activism Flickr Group  #creativact

Remember to blog about the image that you have produced to show the development process, influences and thinking behind it.

And most importantly- have fun and use this as an opportunity to do something new.

Task Discussion