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Subverting a Media Message


In this weeks lecture and workshop we looked at some examples of culture jamming, detournement and subvertising.

Your task this week is to produce your own piece of media that uses some of these ideas to subvert meaning.

Here are your steps

  1. Find a piece of media that says something you are uncomfortable with, tells a lie or that doesn't tell a truth in the way the way that you think it should (such as an advertisement, a piece of film, a tv show, a painting, a piece of news etc)

  2. Remix or Mashup that piece of media to subvert its meaning – to say something different from the intended meaning.

  3. If it’s an image upload it to the Creative Activism workspace on flickr, if it is a video upload it to the vimeo workspace

  4. On your blog do a post that shoes the original version and your remixed version with a short commentary on what you were trying to achieve

  5. Once you have done this tweet a link to your image or video using the #creativact hashtag

Task Discussion