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Wk 2-Why eportfolios? [July 5, 2012, 2:55 p.m.]

The growth of eportfolios has been influenced by a number of factors including the changing nature of learning, the changing needs of learners and the dynamics of functioning in a knowledge based economy.

Eportfolios offer a range of benefits as learners move through the process of reflecting on their learning experiences and documenting their skills and knowledge. 

Sometimes, portfolios can have very different purposes, e.g. documenting personal growth vs. showcasing work for external audiences.

Discuss how the changing nature of learning, learners or a knowledge economy has influenced the adoption of e portfolios as a professional development tool.

What do you see as being the benefits of using an eportfolio as  PD tool? Do you see any limitations? What strategies could you use to work through the limitations, if needed?

Does your own portfolio have more than one purpose? If so, how do you plan to reconcile this?